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Animal Medicine

Animal Medicine

Elk Medicine and Meaning

The Elk medicine is connected to the elements of earth and water

The Earth element is one of grounding, stability, nourishment and abundance. 

The Elk is a strong, noble, and resilient animal who paves its path by moving in a steady, consistent manner. Fearless and curious of the mysteries and challenges of the unknown believing it can endure all that comes its way. Like the water, the elk medicine represents the cleansing, healing, and protection of the heart and emotions. It is a beautiful medicine to help us look into the reflection of the water and see our shadow self to face and shed light to unresolved trauma, grief, and limiting core self-beliefs. It is a reminder that we can endure all of our challenges and gives us the strength to move forward in a steady manner knowing we are resilient and supported. Just as the Elk is a social mammal, this medicine reminds us of the importance of finding and spending time with communities of like-minded people who love and support us. 

Kangaroo Medicine and Meaning

Kangaroo - Air, fire, and earth. Intuition, reproduction and fertility. 

This medicine offers faith, balance, strength, endurance, focus, protection and nourishment. 

The Kangaroo is a beautiful representation of a healthy divine masculine and feminine balance. Through her intuition she calculates the most aligned time for mating seasonally that will allow her to support her newborns whom she protects and nourishes in her pouch. She is able to halt the development of an embryo until she feels it is safe. Kangaroos are very focused beings, this medicine is a reminder to stay focused, keep going and trust. It is time for you to take a leap of faith into the unknown, know you are an intuitive being who will know when to give birth to a new project in your life or halt and re-evaluate accordingly. 

Buffalo Medicine and Meaning

Buffalo - earth, spirit

This medicine offers strength, gratitude, confidence, abundance, community, connection, kindness and courage. 

Buffalo medicine is a powerful medicine for claiming your desires and finding your path and purpose. The buffalo is known to be a sacred and very respected animal to many indigenous cultures, being a blessing and source of food, shelter and clothing for many. Buffalo medicine is a kind reminder to live in gratitude with open arms ready to receive all the universe has for you. Buffalos really value the safety of their community and children, as they travel in herds it is a reminder that when we work together we can accomplish great things. 

Deer/Stag Medicine and Meaning

  • Deer-Compassion, gentleness, adventure, exploration, purity, femininity, intuition
  • Stag -Masculinity, slow-pace, healing, alertness, connection, intuition, pride, regeneration, power, authority. 

This medicine offers introspection, clarity, higher-awareness, femininity, ebb and flow.

Deer/Stag medicine is a gentle reminder for introspection and self-awareness. This medicine allows us to go inward for the answers we are seeking, promising that through gentle care and self-awareness, we will be able to find healing and regeneration. This medicine assists with opening the heart chakra allowing you to come into a safe space where you act from a place of unconditional love and abundance. Just as the heart is in the circulatory system, the deer works to show us the law of circulation. This allows us to take a look into the things we may feel we lack and evaluate whether those things we are giving to others. 


Horse Medicine and Meaning


  • Willpower, strength, endurance, freedom, perseverance, drive, direction, loyalty, intuition, exploration, awareness, power.

Horses are majestic creatures that have aided humans for decades. They are highly emotional and very sensitive to people's emotions and states of being. They are very loving, protective, nurturing creatures that you can count on to stand by you forever. When they are set on something, they will give it their whole heart being very difficult to tame. They symbolize endurance, perseverance, and freedom. They love to roam around freely, roaming in the wild, and not bound. If they are domesticated, they want to be treated with love and respect just as they give to their mates. The horse medicine encourages one to step into their wild nature and build connection with nature, with self and with those around them. It is a beautiful medicine for one who is beginning their journey of independence and looking for guidance and direction in their life. It calls us to begin to refine and trust our intuition, becoming self-aware of the power we have within us. It gives us strength to explore different possibilities and chase our goals and dreams with full force and unconvicting faith. The horse medicine in shamanism represents a bridge to the spirit world and opening our visionary gifts, intuition, and connection.


Moose Medicine and Meaning

  • Strength, Wisdom, Courage, Determination, Leadership, Authenticity, Abundance, Good fortune, Intuitive, Insightful, Resourceful, Fearless.
This medicine is one of building healthy and strong self-esteem and a knowing of thyself and thy worth. A moose does not fear to be seen or to be heard. It lives its life unapologetically and is comfortable with taking risks. Moose medicine is a reminder to stand tall and not play small anymore. Moose are always walking into the unknown with faith that they will find their next meal. This medicine reminds us to let go of things and find forgiveness in our past mistakes knowing they do not serve us or define us. Allowing ourselves to move forward in faith. Moose medicine is a perfect medicine to step into leadership positions and begin to feel confident within our own wisdoms. This medicine serves as a gap to begin the healing within our generations.



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