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Clearing and setting a sacred space

Clearing and setting a sacred space

Clearing your space

Clearing space is something that I have integrated into my daily routine. This consists of cleansing the home and or space that you are in physically and spiritually. I think we can all agree that it feels much better to be in a cleaner environment and not have to stress about the clutter you have going on. This practice doesn't only benefit your mental health and reduce stress and anxiety, but it also has benefits of improving your energy and mood. 

Everything is energy, as are we. All interactions we make create energetic exchanges and imprints. When you hang out with a friend that may appear to be distraught and carrying a lot of weight you can find yourself feeling heavy as well. This is an energetic exchange that you experience as your energy interacts with another form of consciousness. Places can also hold energy especially if there was a significant event that has occurred in it. That is why when you go to a historical or abandoned place/building you could develop sensations that service physically or emotionally and not understand why.  This is especially for people who are sensitive to energy and or empathic. When clearing your space, you are basically moving, transmuting, and releasing any stagnant, heavy, dense energies that may be lingering around. A space clearing can drastically change your life and home bringing you more clarity, focus, and peace. 


What are signs that you could use a space cleansing?

  • Home feels heavy or you always feel heavy while you're at home.
  • You feel sluggish, lack motivation and concentration when you are home. When you leave your home, the feelings go away.
  • Areas of your home feel very cool and you try to avoid certain areas of your home. 
  • You have animals that seem to be in distress or sick often.
  • You lose, misplace, and forget where you place things in your home (more than the average joe)
  • There seems to be many altercations in which negative emotions surface when you interact with others in your home.
  • Death, sickness or violence have occurred in the home.
  • You constantly have people you don't know coming over. 

How to cleanse a home/space

  1. Clean your space, declutter. Really minimize having things that you are not using all over. If you have sentimental items or possessions that bring emotional distress when you see them, put them in a box and to the side to be cleansed later. 
  2. A few things you can use to cleanse your energetic space is burning herbs, incense and resins. 
  3. If you have sound instruments (drums, sound bowls, chimes, rattles) you may walk around the house playing these instruments with the intention of clearing the space. The sound waves emitting from the instruments will break away any stagnant, dense, lingering energies.

 Copal resin is extracted from living trees across the Americas. The tradition of burning copal has roots far back into different cultures, one of them being a sacred cleansing ritual that the Aztecs would use to clear their ceremonial spaces and temples. It was viewed sacred as they would kiss the earth beneath them after to honor and show respect for the trees who represent life and are the grand mothers and nurturers of this world.

Copal is rich in triterpenes that have been shown to significantly reduce anxiety and boosts mental well-being and calming states. Copal is linked with the crown chakra, allowing it to be a great resin to burn for deeper states of meditation. It is used for clearing negative energy in people, objects and places.

Cedar is one the oldest most durable trees that has medicinal powers. Some Native American tribes believed their ancestors would live in these trees guiding and murmuring to them through the winds. The Lakota’ believe that burning Flat Cedar removes negative energies and promote positive energy. Some say it can also heal, protect, purify, and promote wealth.

Thyme is a great herb that has been used to bring courage and strength as well as relieve grief, negativity and hopelessness as well as promote restful sleep.

Pine can be used for clearing, protection and balance. Pine's peaceful fragrant aroma can also enhance your meditation or smudging ritual. 

Rosemary is perfect for burning for purification. Rosemary is often burned to create a "fresh start" in life. It was also said that witches would place a rosemary bush outside of their home for protection. Rosemary oil has been shown to promote memory and concentration. This herb excels whether it is breaking a habit, embarking on a new path, stimulating your brain, protection or opening up to more creativity.

Palo and Sage are also great herbs/wood for cleansing a space, they are quite known as well. Because of this they are being harvested more and sold commercially in large quantities. This does pose a threat as to how its cultivated and their habitats, so I advise that if you choose to get these herbs, to buy them from a farmer or local business whom have proof of cultivation. 

Sage is used for cleansing stagnant and negative energies. Sage can also offer strength, clarity, wisdom into your life and practices. 


Palo santo literally means "holy wood" in Spanish. This sacred wood has been used by Amazonian shamans in sacred ritual, dating all the way back to the Incas. Smudging with palo santo is said to clear negative energy and bring blessings to the space. 

Sweetgrass – Known as the hair of Mother Earth. It is believed that sweetgrass brings sweetness into the space and i am not only referring to its sweet aroma. It is believed to carry prayers into the spirit world. It can be used for protection and cleansing a space filling it with peace.

Tobacco – Grandfather Tobacco is a highly sacred medicine in many cultures and is firmly believed to be the ideal bridge between the human and spiritual worlds. Tobacco is a beautiful guiding medicine as well and cleansing and protecting herb warding off negative spirits and energies. 


Setting Sacred Space 

Intention and Prayer = As you clear your home, self, or space it is great to set an intention and/prayer along with the cleansing process. This prayer can be composed of words of gratitude towards the herbs and Pachamama (Mother Earth) that are blessing you. 

Set up an altar in your home - Have a space where you can place meaningful artifacts that belong to you. Whether they are given from a past loved one or an artifact that you've collected at some point in your journey. If you have a picture of an ancestor or of a figure that has brought you peace. Having an altar allows you to really have a sacred place to go to that you can connect with spiritually.

Allow this space to hold positive energy by creating memorable happy moments here. DANCE, PLAY, SING, LAUGH, PLAY MUSIC in this space. Bring liveliness to this space and I promise it'll shift the energy for you and anyone else who walks in there. 

Create a cozy space for yourself, even if it is only one room.. make sure you have a safe space to retreat to when you need to regather yourself. 



    Much love and blessings, 






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