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Sound Healing Medicine

Sound Healing Medicine
In the beginning was the word and the Word was with God, and the word was God. The first sound we all have ever heard was the sound of our mother’s heartbeat. A remembrance of our time in a space that was functioning tirelessly for our nourishment and our becoming. Our relationship with the womb begins in our mama's belly and continues in the belly of our mother creation, our mother earth, mama Gaia. Every day tirelessly she shelters, nourishes, and provides her babies with everything we need to come back to wholeness. We are intrinsically rhythmic creatures, composed melodies that harmonize and create a perfect song. The song of life. When we are ill, the frequency is disrupted creating a disharmony within ourselves that overtime festers and doesn't allow us to feel and be in flow.

You ever listen to band and hear a key off note? a misplaced tune? That is a physical representation of what your body goes through when it is not in balance or sync with source and creation. Imagine every organ and cell are a key note of the instrument (the body) and the pitch are your highs and lows.. shifting frequently. The pulse represents our experiences, our daily interactions in this carnal state, this physical manifestation and the way we react to them will determine the rhythm, the rhythm is our state of being. It determines how we show up when the pulse's are irregular and weak. 

How and why does Sound Healing work?

Sound is a source of energy that can be used to interact, activate, and help balance other energies. Frequency is the rate at which sound waves occur that constitutes a vibration. Everything that exists is at a state of vibration and has its own frequency. Optimal health occurs when we are vibrating in harmony at our natural resonant frequency. When we are out of harmony or out of sync, that is when illness or dis-ease occurs. Using sound we can bring ourselves back to our natural vibration making us less susceptible to illness, anxiety, depression and other mental, physical and emotional states that do not serve us.. Sound is seen as an effective tool to alter electromagnetic fields and impulses of an individual or an environment. We are electric beings and have electro-magnetic energy fields surrounding our physical bodies. We are constantly giving and absorbing energy on a daily basis exchanging energy vibrations with people and through our surroundings and our environment. Being conscious of this allows us to be in control of what goes through and out of us. Sound can be used to alter brain wave states and is a useful tool for changing human consciousness. There are five brain waves or electrical patterns that individuals display across the cortex of the brain, each having a purpose and playing a part in helping us function at our optimal in different life circumstances.

These relate to facilitating learning, processing, concentration, creativity, increased mood/energy, intuition and meditation or psycho-spiritual states that can be used to set the foundation for deep healing processes. 


Principles of Sound Healing 

There are a few basic principles that are the foundation and gateway to sound healing being effective. The first one is resonance, the ability of influencing or setting off another object or body into a vibrational motion by vibrating an object at the same natural frequency. A simple example of resonance can be with a tuning fork and a piano. If we were to strike the tuning fork keyed to a specific note, for example the note of “F” that correlates with our heart chakra, we would see that the wire that correlates with the F on the piano is also vibrating. 

 Another example that some of you may be familiarized with is the the glass shattering experiment. The singer matches the specific tone of the natural tune of the glass causing it to vibrate and shatter.

 This works well because the human body is a bioelectrical system and each cell is a sound resonator constantly responding to any other sound vibrating outside of the body. Bringing awareness to the sounds that we create or listen to can help us consciously bring balance into parts or areas of our body that are out of harmony or balance. Our organs and energy centers or chakras correlate to specific frequencies and our mediators of all energies that are in the body and that pass through the body.  When they are out of balance we can use resonance to restore homeostasis. It is important to recognize that our body already knows how to heal itself, we can accelerate the healing process by actively taking measures to strengthen and nurture our physical bodies and minds. 


When two or more energies begin to sync to each other, entrainment occurs. This is seen when you place two or more pendulum clocks next to each other at different start points and through rhythm and harmony they end up syncing together. This is a natural occurrence and human beings will undergo the same process, you see this in a rock concert on an emotional and physical level. The ambiance of the environment can overstimulate a person causing them to react accordingly to the rest of their mates.


Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony are also principles that affect the emotional, physical and mental state of beings bringing them into consciousness. This is why a prayer, mantra, songs or music can be so effective in altering your emotional and mental state. Something like rhythm can trigger resonance and entrainment. Music that imitates the natural rhythm of our heart will have a more relaxing, soothing effect on our bodies versus an anapestic rhythm that will throw our natural rhythms off track causing perhaps a more stimulating or overwhelming sensation. That is also why drums have been such a sacred practice in shamanic healing for healing and inducing altered trance like states of consciousness.

Benefits of Sound Healing

  • Relieving physical pain
  • Release emotional blockages
  • Improve sleep cycle
  • Balance chakras
  • Helps with addiction recovery
  • Spiritual development
  • Enhances focus, creativity, mental clarity



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