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Sound Healing Tools

Sound Healing Tools

Voice (Singing, Humming, Mantras)

Crystal Singing Bowls

Alchemy Bowls

Tibetan Bowls

Drums and Rattles


Tuning forks ( weighted and unweighted)

Native American Style Flute


Crystal Pyramid

Koshi Chimes


Tibetan Bells

The benefits and uses of some of these sound tools


Our voices are by far one of the most powerful instruments of sound healing… one that we are born with and have immediate access to. Through the act of singing and humming we can send sound vibration into different areas of our body facilitating releasement of blocked energies. Relieves stress and promotes self soothing and balance. Awaken creativity.

Activity: Begin with diaphragmatic breathing, which is also referred to as abdominal breathing. This will allow your muscles to relax, reducing your heart rate and blood pressure allowing you to fully tune into your body and present moment as well as promoting relaxation and a feeling of safety. Take 3 deep breaths fully breathing in and out from the nose while holding your belly feeling an expansion and contraction in your belly as you inhale and exhale. When you feel relaxed you can begin by humming.. Low tones and higher tones feel exactly where the humming is taking place within your body.. 

Crystal singing bowl

The singing bowl was used from the 12th century throughout Asia for meditation and healing. Hindus and Buddhists traditionally used singing bowls to mark the beginning and end of meditation because of its ability to activate the pineal gland, relieve anxiety, and promote balance. Improve blood circulation.

Drums and Rattles

 can energize and stimulate our primal energies, break or shake accumulated negative energies in the body, activate the spleen and cause chakras, increase blood flow, change pace of heartbeat, altering state of consciousness, cleansing.


 One of the oldest instruments in existence, considered an instrument that connects with the divine. Reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and alleviates anxiety and depression.

Tuning Forks

 Calibrated to specific parts of the body to send vibrations that release tension and open blocked energy channels. Can be used for assessing broken bones and bone density. Clean energy field. Bring harmony.  Unweighted tuning forks are used to sweep over the body while weighted tuning forks can be used directly on the body. Releases Nitric Oxide that can positively affect pain transmission and control. You can use it to tune other instruments. 


Great for clearing fears or emotional blocks and improving mental clarity, leaving you transformed on a physical as well as mental level. The sound of a gong is heard through the ears, passing through the auditory nerve, then the vagus nerve, stimulating every organ in the body.

Tibetan singing bowl

one of the most powerful instruments in sound and vibration. Balance chakras, balance right and left hemispheres of the brain, break accumulated energy releasing blockages and restoring meridians of body and improve synapse response of brain. Stimulates the immune system and builds adrenal function. Improve meditation and induce altered states of consciousness. 

Tibetan Cymbals

are bells that are used to cleanse aura and relax the system. 

Wind Chimes

center, balance, and promote relaxation. They also invoke feelings of joy and contentment. Raise frequency vibration. 


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