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I am.

An old soul, a traveling minstrel, intuitive healer and space holder who facilitates healing through powerful ancient instruments and holistic focused modalities to help you commence in a self-healing journey. I focus on using personalized healing techniques that safely guide you deeper into your personal journey of healing, self-love, and acceptance. I focus on the nourishment of the heart, mind, body, and spirit to help you open natural pathways for your soul to gently return to its innate essence of harmony and wholeness. Only while nurturing mental, physical, and emotional centers at the same time can you truly experience the joy, healing, and renewed health of Perennial Holistic Care. I have had the honor and privilege of having extraordinary mentors and teachers throughout my journey that have expanded my knowledge. I embrace ancient sacred medicine practices as well as modern therapy practices. I believe combining these two methods gives my clients the chance to not only invite the earth and spirit realms that provide endless wisdom and healing, but it also allows your conscious mind to somewhat understand what's going on behind the scenes. 

"As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold of grace of God." 1 Peter 4:10 

A gift from the heavenly father indeed it is to be able to heal this sacred temple of ours that houses the soul's thoughts, emotions, and wellbeing. It is a gift we were all gifted, although dormant in some of us. That is, until we become mindful and return to ourselves fully. I offer guidance, support, knowledge, accountability and love through your healing process... aligning you back into your perfect self. 

Holographic sound healing, Reiki, medicinal plants, crystals, aromatherapy, and somatic movement are just few of the personalized techniques within the perennial intuition process that can guide you through:

•Connecting your awareness to heart, mind, body, spirit.
•Transcending old and negative self-belief perspectives and patterns.
•Releasing negative relationship connections.
•Repatterning bad habits.
•Balancing your chakras.
•Creating sacred space.
•Healing emotional trauma.
•Creating new belief patterns that reflect with our highest self-expression.
•Strengthening your intrinsic intuitive gifts and abilities.
Protecting and cleansing your energy.
•Mindful Dieta

Life has become my greatest teacher. I continue to do the work and show up for myself every day. Healing doesn't happen overnight nor are the results permanent. The practice of healing is a daily practice that continuously requires your time, patience, forgiveness and love. Like an onion peel, we're always encountering a new layer in our processes. It is not going to always look perfect and at times you may feel constantly triggered. Know that this is for you... How old are you? Imagine you've lived in a house for that long and every day you accumulated more items into the house and didn't take the time to organize it. Do not expect all those years of clutter to be sorted in a day. I ask that we be easy on ourselves, kind to ourselves, and grateful to ourselves for picking up the broom and starting now. There was a point in my life that I would wake up and feel stagnant and unhappy. That was 4 years ago. I changed my life, my thoughts, my hobbies, my diet, everything. You don't grow when you're comfortable right? Although this journey is extensive, challenging and can feel lonely at times, the healing it brings is miraculous and undeniably transformational. Thank you for sharing your journey with me. 



I am a certified holographic sound practitioner CERTIFIED PRACTITIONERS | holographicsound

I am a certified reiki master in Usui, Holy Fire, Sun and light Quantum reiki.

 Sun Quantum LIGHT Teachers – Reiki Soul Star

Quantum LIGHT Photons Teachers – Reiki Soul Star

I am a master intuitive sound practitioner OUR PRACTITIONERS | The Beauty of Perspective

I am a Relational Skills Trauma practitioner Online Training in Somatic Psychology, Embodiment, and Healing Trauma (

I am a Sanga practitioner  Sound Healing In Pleasant Grove | SANGA Studio | United States (



I have rendered this life to serving those in need. To being a healer, communicator and uniter.

For Life is Music,Your Journey is a Song, and I will help you sing your way through.

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