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 Welcome! In this page is a description of different healing events that we offer!

Guided Art Therapy & Sound Bath

Art therapy and sound baths are both powerful healing modalities, so why not combine them? This is an energy balancing process. We are able to explore our relationship with colors and explore processing our emotions through art. We begin the process going through our energy centers (chakras) related to different areas of our life, examining, addressing, and balancing each chakra or energy centers in our bodies. This practice is very therapeutic encouraging deeper states of relaxation, improves communication, relationship building, self-awareness, confidence and clarity. 



 A restorative cacao and reiki sound bath ceremony 

We will start with a cacao ceremony, really centering into our hearts and formulating our individual intentions for the night. We will then move into a light breathwork focus technique; this will really help us become one with our intention clearing all other thoughts from the mind. Then incorporating aromatherapy, we will start the sound bath and group reiki. Everyone is welcome and we are so grateful for you to join us.
Cacao helps the body to heal, detoxify and to give your immune system a good boost. Cacao also assists in energetic healing and gaining clarity in the areas of love, purpose, intuitive abilities, career and personal growth.
Breathwork activates your parasympathetic nervous system, and in turn, slows down your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure—creating a feeling of calm. It can also help calm and slow down the emotional turbulence in your mind. Breathwork helps remove ego, creating a connection to your true self and the universe.
Aromatherapy is a beautiful way to ease stress, anxiety, depression. It boosts relaxation, improves sleep, and helps with many other physical symptoms.
Sound baths have positive effects on mental health and physical pain, helping release trauma in the body. These vibrations lead you into a deeper state of contemplation or relaxation, shutting off your body’s fight-or-flight reflex, bringing clarity. We will be using crystal bowls, chimes and more for the sound bath.
Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy and is said to be one of the purest forms of energy. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.


Drum making workshop and circle.

A drum is a medicine used as the heartbeat of Mother Earth. This is a tool for bringing out someone’s voice or songs and can be used as one beat with all the drums of the world for bringing out creative energy. 

In a drum workshop you will have the opportunity to connect with the animal medicine you have decided to birth and work with. We will talk about our medicines and set ceremonial intentions for our drums.A drum can be made from any type of animal skin and will hold, carry, and represent the ‘medicine’ and frequency vibration of that animal. It can be used for healing, for clearing and for harvesting, celebrating in the energies and support we are gifted and blessed with through the animal and earth medicine. Intentions are important because every thought, prayer, and word that we speak or think has energy and passes through our bodies. When we direct that energy to something that we create, we imprint that energy into that creation. As a result, that energy radiates and flows out of the drum during every use. When crafting an intention for our drum, it is important to consider what we want to use the drum for. This can be based on where you are at the moment spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Ex. Before I ever crafted my horse drum I was in a new transitional stage in my life where I was ready to break out of the conditioning that I was in. I was craving this deep sense of freedom. The last three months for me I was working on myself, and I had visited a horse mustang healing retreat in which I learned and connected with horse medicine. Truly being able to understand the mind and heart of these majestic, wild, beautiful creatures. I realized my heart too was resonating with the feeling of running, running in to the unknown, ready to awaken the wild woman within me. The woman that did not want security or stability, rather she wanted to be present, free and full of vitality. A few months later I visualized myself naked riding a horse drumming a beautiful large horse drum and I knew that this was my next step. I welcome you to deepen your connection with yourself, to learn about animals and nature as those are the medicines that are here to support and guide you through your journey. 

The drum is an earth medicine we use to heal through moving, releasing and integrating energy. The rhythm of the drum connects us with the rhythm of the universe. The first sound we hear as babies is the sound of our mother's heartbeat, the drum mimics this sacred sound and can bring us into a deep feeling of safety and remembrance of who we are. With the drum we are able to release any dense, low, vibrational energies, patterns, beliefs and entity attachments. We are also able to move energy that has been stagnant within us and we are able to add and integrate whatever we want to harness within ourselves. We are able to connect and alchemize with the earth and invoke our ancestors to heal. Most importantly we are able to gather together in elemental healing, frolicking and celebration of life and death.

All of our drums are ethically sourced, cleansed and blessed. 

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