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In person/Remote Sound Healing Individual session


I offer sound healing in person, through remote sessions on Zoom, Facetime, or Google meets. 

Text (385)-416-4700 or email to set appointment up. Payments on Venmo at @perennialholisticcare with "Sound Healing " as the description. Thank you!


Do remote sound healing sessions work?

Yes, in fact they are just as effective as sessions in person. By accessing the universal quantum energy field, an energy exchange is formed, allowing our sound healing treatments to be effective and available regardless of distance or location.

How to prepare for a remote sound healing session

We will schedule a call prior to the remote sound healing session in which I will invite you to discuss what you would like to receive from the session and formulate an intention. Examples of this can be:

  • Balance and tuning of the energy centers (Chakras) in and around the body. This will move, clear, and balance any energetic blockages to restore harmony in your body.
  • Relieving physical pain.
  • Release emotional blockages.
  • Improve sleep cycle.
  • Helps with addiction recovery.
  • Spiritual development.
  • Enhances focus, creativity, mental clarity.

Check out Sound Healing Medicine | Perennial Holistic Care to learn more information on sound healing. 

Once you have an intention. I will guide you on setting sacred space. When your space is cleared and you are free from your exterior distractions and interruptions, you give your subconscious mind the permission to drop and recieve the full optimal healing experience. Clearing your space helps remove any energetic energies and restore more harmonious energy to your living space.

How much time does the sound healing experience take?

All sessions will begin at 45 minutes. After you have completed your personal assessment, I will evaluate if a 60-minute session is more suitable for you, and you will have the option to proceed with an extension. 

What does the session consist of?

A sound healing session one on one will consist of a personal assessment for each individual to find what treatments are most suitable for them. The treatments will include intuitive energy clearing, sound healing modalities. These include crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Drumming, Chimes, Rattles, Aromatherapy, and aromatherapy.

What are the benefits of sound healing?

Sound healing has positive effects on mental health, physical pain, spiritual awareness and helping release trauma from the body. Sound waves are able to clear discordance from one's energy field and create a sense of harmony within their energetic frequency by entraining the frequency of the healing instruments to activate the frequencies that correspond with the body's organs, chakras, meridians etc. When distress or trauma occurs, your energy can get out of tune or fall stagnant. Unresolved for a long time can manifest itself into stress, anxiety, or even illness and disease. Using sound healing a shift of conscious state can occur to the participant creating receptivity to releasing anything that is no longer serving their highest good.


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