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Group Sessions

Connecting with individuals as you immerse yourself in the process of within. It can be accentuated

  • 1 hour
  • Depends on modality

Service Description

Enjoy a glass of wine and be soothed by lovely healing vibrations during a sound healing group session. Among the techniques that will be employed are rainsticks, drumming, chimes, rattles, gongs, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, and aromatherapy. Additionally, intuitive energy clearing and sound healing techniques will also be employed. • Calm and the nervous system be relaxed. • They may aid in the hemispheres of the brain's symmetry. • Let go of bottled feelings • Controls endocrine glands, circulation, and hormones • Stimulates the endocrine system, the blood vessels, and the hormones. • Boosts vital chi, inspires creativity, and uplifts mood • Enhances sleep Enter a theta state, higher levels of consciousness, or meditate • Encourage focus and clarity It is recommended that you bring an eye mask, comfy, loose clothing, and any personal objects, such as crystals or totems, that you feel called to connect with. Clarification: The duration of the ceremony also depends on its modality.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Holistic Ceremony Policy Purpose: Our ceremonies offer a safe space for healing and spiritual exploration. Eligibility: Participants must be 18+ or accompanied by a guardian. Confidentiality: All shared information is strictly confidential. Conduct: Respectful behavior is expected; disruptions are not tolerated. Informed Consent: Participants must provide voluntary consent. Safety Precautions: Guidelines for physical, emotional, and spiritual safety are provided. Medical Disclaimer: Ceremonies are complementary and not a substitute for professional healthcare. Boundaries and Consent: Personal boundaries must be respected, and consent is required for all interactions. Technology Guidelines: Stable internet and necessary technology are required for online ceremonies. Feedback and Communication: Participants are encouraged to communicate openly and provide feedback. Amendments: Policy may be updated to reflect changes in circumstances. Agreement: Participants agree to abide by the policy terms.

Contact Details

4625 South 2300 East suite 202, Salt Lake City, UT 84117, USA

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